Family Channidae (Snakeheads)


Myanmar has many rivers, natural lakes, and streams. These are good habitats of many species of freshwater fishes including species of the family, Channaidae (Snakehead). The genus, Channa, is characterized by an elongated cylindrical body, the long-based dorsal and anal fin with entirely soft rays, a large mouth with teeth on the jaws, palatines and pre-vomer, and an accessory air breathing organ. These snakeheads are predators. The fishes are distributed throughout tropical Africa, South, East, and Southeast Asia .There are altogether their sizes ranges around about 200 mm to one meter. Especially the group belong to Channa gachua are best to keep in an aquarium of species tank with decorated draft- woods, plants , and rocks, to arrange hidden places.

Channa burmanicus Chaudhuri, 1919

Northern most Myanmar endemic fish. Type locality is Puta O. The maximum size is 10 12.5 cm total length. Freshwater fish. It should be kept in species tank. Decorated planted tank favors the beautiful color of fish.

Channa harcourtbutleri (Annandale, 1918)

The fish is endemic species of Inle Lake, Naung Shwe Township, Sourthern Shan State, Myanmar. The maximum size is 12.5 to 15 co total length. Suitable only in species tank of no critical water quality. However, if the fish is kept in hard water and slightly alkaline (pH , 7.4) with proper shelters, the body of the fish is totally black and fins are scarlet red.

Channa lucius (Cuvier & Valenciennes 1831)

In the old literatures, there was no record for the present of Channa lucius in Taninthayi Division. Hein Aquarium found this fish in Taninthayi Division in 2007. The specimen was identified by Dr. Ralf Britz to prove that it was Channa lucius. The maximum length of the fish is ( ) cm total length.

Channa ornatipinnis Britz 2007

Channa panaw Musikasinthorn 1998


Channa pulchra Britz 2007