Family Balitoridae


The fishes of this family are small fishes distributed in the hills of South Eastern Asia. In Myanmar, they are found in the hill streams of Shan Plateau, Myitkyina District of Northern region and Southern Taninthayi Division. In Tanintharyi Division most of them are found in drainages of the Thanlwin River. The fish generally have a rounded head with streamlined body. They are adapted to life on the bottom of very swift hill streams. The fishes paired fins serve as adhesive organs. The underside of the body can be used as sucking disc and hence they can stay under the swift stream.

Body and head possess cycloid scales. Gill opening is either greatly restricted, placed above the base of pectoral fins, or of moderate size and extending to ventral surface for a short distance. Pectoral and pelvic fins are often horizontally inserted.

Balitora burmanica Hora 1932

Homoloptera bilineatus

Physoschistura rivulicola (Hora, 1929)

Physoschistura shanensis (Hora, 1929)

Pteronemacheilus lucidorsum Bolen & slechtova, 2011

Pictured by Rainer Hoyers

Schistura sp. cf balteata

Schistura callidora Bohlen & Slechtova, 2011

Pictured by Rainer Hoyers

Schistura vinciguerrae (Hora, 1935)

Yunnanilus brevis (Boulenger 1893)

Pictured by Rainer Hoyers

Pictured by Rainer Hoyers